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New unit: Symbiotic Morpher


Introducing a brand new unit, the vile Symbiotic Morpher! This card¬†attaches itself to other units, making them more powerful than they would be otherwise. Any unit this card attaches to gets a bonus of 6 attack and 2 defence. However, this boost comes at a cost – any unit that has a morpher attached to it cannot use any of their abilities. So this card trades effects for raw power. However this trade off can be used to your advantage, as this card can be attached to your opponent’s units as well. So if your opponent has a card with a powerful effect that is causing you problems, you can use this card to negate that ability.

This card is best used when paired with powerful units without abilities, as the trade off is mitigated. The flat attack bonus also benefits cards that have range, but low attack strength.

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