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Commander: Leviathan


It’s time to show off one of the eight commanders available to lead your forces in Legions of Tyrandel. Introducing, the mighty Leviathan! Leviathan is a fearsome creature who has dominion over sea creatures. He lies in wait in the murky depths for the perfect opportunity to strike, and then unleashes his power. Leviathan is a commander that focuses on maintaining a formidable defence, thus allowing you to strike at your opponent without worrying about their strikes towards you.

His Homefield ability is a passive that reduces the attack power of every enemy unit when they are on your side of the map. This means that Leviathan’s units have an advantage in battles taking place on his home turf.

However, this ability is not the only thing that makes Leviathan’s defence so powerful. Once every few turns, Leviathan can execute the Blessed Waters ability, which heals some of the lost health for any of his units currently on his side of the map. The combination of lowered enemy attack, plus healing for his defenders means Leviathan can mount a formidable defence, allowing him to attack from relative safety.

Leviathan also has one more ability up his sleeve, but this one is only active when he takes to the field himself. The Defender’s Support ability increases the defence of every unit you control, based on how many cards you have defending your side of the map. In this way, Leviathan rewards maintaining a strong defence, as it increases the survivability of your attackers as well.

Basically, Leviathan is a very defence focused commander, rewarding and improvement strong map control. A good unit to pair with Leviathan is the Undersea Invader, which deals additional damage when on the enemy’s side of the map. This unit benefits from the additional defence to lead strong, cost efficient attacks on the your opponent’s defences.


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