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Commander: Humbaba


Here is a look at one of the other Commanders ready to shine in Legions of Tyrandel, the stalwart Humbaba! Humbaba is a guardian of nature, protecting the creatures of his forest domain from unwanted intruders.

Gameplay wise, Humbaba is excellent at shifting from a strong defence to a strong offence. Every turn, Humbaba can grow a tree anywhere on his side of the battlefield. These trees provide an attack bonus to any allied units within 2 hexes of them. You can place these near chokepoints to force your opponent’s units to weave around them, and increase the effectiveness of your defenders.

An excellent unit to combine with these trees are the study Tree Sprites. These units make good defenders because if you don’t move them, their defence values rise to a point where weaker units cannot even damage them. When you combine that ability with the attack boost that Humbaba’s trees will provide, they become quite dangerous roadblocks for enemies trying to overcome your forces and push into your territory.

However, the usefulness of Humbaba’s trees goes beyond their defensive benefit. Humbaba is a spirit of nature, and in fact draws strength from the power his forest provides. When you bring Humbaba to the field, both his attack and movement speed are increased based on how trees he currently has on the field. This Commander gets more and more dangerous as you use his ability to grow trees all over the battlefield.

Of course, if all this power could only be used by the Commander, that would make Humbaba a very risky Commander to use. If your Commander falls in battle, you lose the match, so while Humbaba is very powerful after growing a lot of trees, he is still vulnerable. That is why Humbaba actually has the power to transfer the power of the forest to any unit he desires. So all of the power he gains from having lots of trees can be granted to any of your units. This way you can still use the power without risking losing the game. If the unit using the power is defeated, it returns to Humbaba after a few turns.

These abilities make Humbaba a versatile Commander. Able to field a strong defence, and then pivot to a devastating offence at the right time. Bring the power of nature down on your foes using the mighty Humbaba!


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